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The Mystic Café


An Online Community for Collective Healing and Presence with Live Meditations, Discussion, and Q&A with Thomas Hübl

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What You’ll Receive as a Mystic Café Member

Guided Meditations and Teachings Library

Download guided meditations from the growing Mystic Café Library to support your daily practice. New meditations and teachings are added each month.

Members-Only Online Gatherings & Breakout Groups

Join facilitated LIVE monthly sessions where members come together for discussion and contemplation on principles from Thomas’ teachings.

Online Community

Join the conversation and make friends from around the world in our private members-only online community site.

The Mystic Café LIVE with Thomas

Each month, you'll gather with Thomas for a 90-minute LIVE meditation, teaching and Q&A exploring mystical principles, meditation, healing, and how to bring spiritual practice into everyday life. The video, downloadable audio, and PDF transcript are available soon after the live session.

Summary of What's Inside

The Mystic Café

1) LIVE Online Teaching, Meditation, and Q&A with Thomas: monthly 90-minute interactive video sessions.

2) Members-Only Facilitated Online Community Gatherings and Breakout Groups

3) Guided Meditation and Teachings Library: Including downloadable access to the audio and PDF transcript of every Mystic Café session.

4) Private Membership Portal: Exclusive access to a growing library of recorded teachings, interviews, and course excerpts.

5) Online Community Site to connect and share with members throughout the world.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Membership?

Cancellation Policy: A monthly subscription will automatically renew 1 month after the date you registered, and every month thereafter. On each renewal date, you will be charged the monthly fee. If you cancel prior to the next renewal date, you will not be charged on the next renewal date.

If you choose an annual subscription, it will automatically renew 1 year after the date you registered, and at that time you will be charged the annual fee. If you cancel prior to the renewal next date, you will not be charged on the next renewal date.

Refund Policy: You may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up and receive a full refund. After 30 days, no refunds will be granted. Refund requests must be made in writing. Contact our support team for assistance. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made and may take up to three weeks to process.

What are the dates and times of the live sessions with Thomas? Can I access a recording if I cannot attend live?

Thomas holds a live Mystic Café Online each month. Due to Thomas' schedule, the date and time of each month's session will vary. Below is the schedule of upcoming events.*

Sunday, December 11, 2022
12:00pm L.A. / 3:00pm N.Y. / 9:00pm Berlin

*Dates and times are subject to change.

Members receive an email reminder along with the access link before each live event.

The recording of each Mystic Café Online will be made available on the Member website about 48 hours after the event.

Are there discounts available for those who have taken other courses with Thomas?

Yes. Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT) graduates and current TWT participants are eligible to join at a special rate. Please contact us for more information. 

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The Mystic Café Membership Program is only open to participants 18 years or older.

What if I have other questions about Membership?

Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about The Mystic Café Membership Program. You may click on the floating orange button at the bottom of your screen to chat live with a member of our support team. Or you may send us a message through the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mystic Café
10-Day Challenge: Align Your Energy

The Mystic Café

A Personal Invitation from Thomas Hübl

How can we use this moment of adversity and trauma to build resilience and move toward collective healing? 

That is the underlying purpose of The Mystic Café, an online community for collective healing and presence.

Each month, we’ll examine how spiritual practice relates to collective challenges we are going through, and how our inner practice increases our capacity for making a contribution in the world.

When we explore together as practitioners, every question that comes up has a ripple effect for the whole field. That's the beauty and functionality of a spiritual community: the individual and the collective work together and support each other.

As our collective presence gets stronger and more people are practicing, there is an acceleration in the growth process for every individual.

Our aim is for The Mystic Café to support you and those inside our growing community, and I hope you’ll join us.

With gratitude and love,

Thomas Hübl

P.S. As our community continues to grow AND meet on a regular basis, I believe the impact and influence we make on the collective consciousness of humanity expands exponentially, too.

“Thomas's teaching of the mystical principles is embodied, experiential, and broadly practical. It supports me in making life decisions and helps connect me to my soul.”

– Evan L., Software Engineer, Indianola, WA, USA

Private Membership Portal

A private member portal gives you access to an archive of Mystic Café LIVE sessions with Thomas, including videos, audio downloads,  transcripts, and more.

I deeply value having a container in which to share our experiences as we aspire to embody the teachings in our daily lives – to walk together as a spiritual community sharing a common vision of collective awakening.

– Linda W., Clinician & Ph.D. Candidate,   Maine, USA

Often Thomas gives a reminder regarding an approach towards a difficult topic or situation, that very often comes at the right time, when it is needed in order to get on my feet again or to make a step forward.

– Ralph S., Software Engineer, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

I feel hopeful about being in a community of practitioners with the same intention, which enhances the energy of the field and beyond. I feel called to embody more my energy and make an impact.

– Paola B., Lawyer and Yoga Teacher, Cuernavaca, Mexico

The Mystic Cafe offers practical help with embodying what I know and aligning with the purpose of my soul.

– Winnie P.  Psychotherapist, Santa Rosa, California, USA

I love Thomas’ way of connecting, communicating and using metaphor to explain what he's talking about. I always feel seen by him, even on the video recordings.

– Michael S., Radio Host & Producer, OD Consultant, Gibsons, BC, Canada

The Mystic Café sparks curiosity. It helps me notice ingrained patterns of thought or look into how I interpret things, then maybe see things from a different perspective, which is allowing for more possibility. It’s like a flexibility exercise for my mind.

– Kellie C., Classical Chinese Medicine and Qigong, Bend, Oregon, USA


The next Mystic Café LIVE with Thomas is Sunday, December 11

“I appreciate the opportunity to stay in contact with the teachings of Thomas. I can stay attuned with a bigger field of people who have the same questions as I do.”

– Tiiu B., Family Therapist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I appreciate being a member of a community in which you can share, practice, ask questions, and meditate together.”

– Manon P., Yoga Teacher, The Netherlands

“There is something essential about these monthly gatherings. I connect to a deep sense of purpose and potential. I have witnessed deep healings in myself and others.”

– Scott L, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“I am grateful for how this work and the community connection has contributed to my ability to be present in my body. I feel an expanded compassion for myself and all others.”

– Musa V., Death Doula, Saint Paul, MN, USA

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Includes 10-Day Challenge: Align Your Energy
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Timeless Wisdom Training graduates and current participants are eligible to join at a special rate. Please contact us for more information.

Our Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with The Mystic Café for any reason, you may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up and receive a full refund. After 30 days, you may cancel at any time prior to the renewal date and you will not be charged on the next renewal date.



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Includes 10-Day Challenge: Align Your Energy

Join Thomas and a Global Community

“With compassion and insight, Thomas helps people heal their deepest wounds and access their highest potential to be of service in this troubled world.”

Bestselling Author of Getting to Yes with Yourself

Membership Overview           Benefits           About Thomas          

The Mystic Café


A Global Online Membership Community with Monthly LIVE Teachings, Meditations, and Q&A with Thomas Hübl

The Mystic Café


"When one person heals, everyone who witnesses experiences the healing, too." Thomas Hübl

What We’ll be Exploring Together in the Mystic Café

Applying Mystical Principles in Your Practice & Life 

Mystical principles embody ancient wisdom applied to contemporary science, increasing our capacity to be aware and present to all of life. We will look at how mystical principles connect us to our capacities for creativity, innovation, insight, and compassion. We will also explore how to sync your mind, body, and emotions to work together.


A Deep-Dive Exploration of the Soul

As a seeker, we often question what is our purpose? Why are we here? What does our soul want? Through conversations, we will look at the mystical understanding of the soul and how the soul guides us. We will also explore how the light of our soul can illuminate personal and collective shadows and move us towards embodying more light.


Deepening Your Meditation and Presence Practices

Meditation increases our capacity to be present, guiding us to a place where our life becomes essential moment to moment to moment, as we walk it. As a member, you will have access to a library of guided meditations imbued with the collective energy of the We Space. We will look at how to access deeper states during meditation and how to stay present even when strong emotions come up.



Keeping a Consistent Inner Practice to Recharge

When life gets busy, all too often it's the most important things we can do for ourselves that get dropped. Honoring your daily practice can transform your experience of being alive in a very real and practical way. Learn why inner work increases your capacity to be grounded in response to others, and how to “find time” to establish and maintain a daily practice. 

Accessing the Wisdom of Healing

Connect with the subtle dimensions so you can access the wisdom and deeper gifts of healing. You'll explore how to hold challenges and difficulties in an empowering context because you'll understand how trauma opens the door to the “spiritual restoration of the ethics of life”.



Synchronizing Your Inner and Outer Experiences

We will look at how to flow between inner and outer states. This is a critical piece that is often overlooked and is essential to be fully present in life. Without this connection we lose our capacity to respond and to be related, falling back into old habitual patterns, creating polarity and separation.


Increasing Your Capacity to Work with We Presencing

By increasing our capacity to understand and work on the collective level, we can uncover the blocks that keep us separated in the field. When we separate, we have a state of absence or freezing, and from this constricted place we are unable to act consciously. By learning to see and sense this, we can reconnect with positive possibilities and growth.

Your Conscious Community for Personal and Collective Transformation

Over the years, the community working with Thomas Hübl has grown dramatically and expanded globally.

Beyond in-person retreats and events, there has been a desire to maintain an ongoing connection and support with Thomas and fellow members of the community. 

This has been accentuated by the recent global crisis, which has made it even more essential for the community to connect and make meaning and peace out of recent events.

The Mystic Café provides an opportunity for ongoing connection, bringing together like-minded healers, therapists, meditators, coaches and those interested in transformation. 

You will be able to come together online through live virtual sessions with Thomas to form a collective who are all working on personal and collective transformation. Each month we will explore specific topics that are most relevant to the group.

You will have opportunities to ask questions, hear from other participants and also to work in small breakout groups.

Explore the Frontiers of Collective Trauma & Healing with Thomas Hübl and Friends

Join us inside The Mystic Café to discuss new ideas, frameworks and models for collective trauma and healing. 

This will be one of the ongoing topics because it is essential to our lives and so important to the future of our planet.

Although collective trauma has always existed, it is only recently that we have brought greater awareness to the significance of it in the collective field.

Up until this point in time, there hasn’t been a way to address collective trauma nor have there been coordinated mechanisms to move through it consciously.

As part of the live sessions, we will look at different aspects of collective trauma including what it is, how it can be recognized, and what we can do as it arises so that it does not persist and burden future generations.

Through monthly online sessions, we will come together to work with different issues such as the pandemic, economic instability, climate change and other larger planetary issues that affect entire populations.

We will also look at how we can build our resilience so might prevent collective trauma in the future.

Each month, Thomas joins the members for a 90-minute LIVE online gathering, to teach, lead a meditation, and answer questions that are arising in the collective field.






The Mystic Café is a co-creative, fluid process. As a community we'll explore questions that come up as we focus to see what brings more healing. We'll also be examining how spiritual practice relates to collective challenges we are going through, and how our inner practice makes us more fit to make a contribution in the world.

Here are some of the key areas we will explore:

Thomas Hübl is a teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has been leading large-scale events and courses that focus on the healing and integration of trauma, with a special focus on the shared history of Israelis and Germans. He has been teaching workshops and trainings for Harvard Medical School since 2019.

His non-profit organization, the Pocket Project, works to support the healing of collective trauma throughout the world. He is the author of the book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.

About Thomas Hübl

Discover a Way of Being in the World that is Aligned, Joyful, Creative, and Inspired

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The 10-Day Challenge


For a limited time, the 10-Day Challenge is included for FREE with your Mystic Café membership!


Thomas will kick off this new 10-Day Challenge during a 90-minute LIVE session on Sunday, January 23 (you'll receive the recording afterwards in case you can't make it Live). Beginning the next day you’ll receive a series of ten daily videos from Thomas. These are the topics you'll explore:

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The next Mystic Café LIVE with Thomas is Sunday, December 11  

The next Mystic Café LIVE with Thomas is Sunday, January 23
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Revitalize your life with 21 days of awareness practices – clearing out stagnant energy and old habits, and opening up new possibilities for creativity, innovation, and joy

The Mystic Café
21-Day Refresh Challenge

Revitalize your life with 21 daily awareness practices from Thomas Hübl

The 21-Day Refresh Challenge is included 
for FREE with your Mystic Café membership!


How it works: each day you’ll receive a short video from Thomas with an awareness practice for different aspects of life, starting with the introspective aspects of our inner world, and expanding to the relational world, collective dynamics, and transpersonal parts of ourselves.

With the downloadable 21-Day Refresh Challenge Workbook (included with your registration) you’ll track your insights. At the end of the 21 days, you will have a personalized "Change Manual" for your life.

1. Grounding Your Energy

2. Regulating Stress

3. Conscious Enjoyment

4. Connecting to the Heart

5. Integration of Days 1-4: 
Feeling and Sensing Life

6. Connecting to Insight

7. Connecting to Inspiration

8. Attuning to All of Life

9. Aligning Your Words and Your Energy

10. Integration of the 10 Days: 
Building Your Energy from the Ground Up

Align Your Enery: relieve stress, feel grounded and present while expanding your awareness to attune to life with enjoyment and inspiration.

Join The Mystic Café for immediate access to a series of ten daily videos from Thomas, including the following topics: